Much Ado About Dinosaurs Page 38 – Weneetryhl Original Art – Paul Arne Kring

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Page 38 of Weneetryhl: Much Ado About Dinosaurs.

Original art by Paul Arne Kring for his sci-fi series Weneetryhl. The page measures 420x594mm (16.5×23.4 inches).


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Sci-fi heroine Weneetryhl is stuck in the Cretacious with her friend Ploid Spuni. As they converse about the possibility of changing the future with their actions, they try to avoid getting eaten by dinosaurs, captured by timetraveling art thieves and encounter a strange black monolith.

Weneetryhl by Paul Arne Kring is a sci-fi romp inspired by the film of Mr. Kring’s youth. Heavily influenced by the films of the 60’s and 70’s, the lead protagonist – Weneetryhl – finds herself in a world she helped create, but doesn’t know how to fit into.