Mortensen’s Escapades: The Tunnel – Lars Jakobsen

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“A bonbon for Tintin fans.” – Kirkus Reviews

Mortensen’s Escapades by Lars Jakobsen is a highly entertaining time travel adventure, where the protagonist – time traveler Konrad Mortensen – is involved in some of the most highly profiled events in human history.
The Tunnel is based on the rediscovery of an old discarded subway tunnel in Brooklyn and the murder of President Abraham Lincoln.

Mortensen’s Escapades is a fun and entertaining title. It sneaks the education in and presents it in a way that doesn’t seem obvious but will still satisfy the curious. Both boys and girls can enjoy the story. While it’s rated for 4th to 8th grades, this is a title anyone can enjoy. Elementary and teen libraries/collections should give this title a serious look.” – School Library Journal.

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Science has achieved one of man’s greatest dreams: time travel! Using a time gun, one can travel through time, but criminal forces have gotten their hands on this technology and are robbing the past of its treasures. All over the world, secret time agents work to keep history in its correct order. Mortensen is one of these agents, traveling back and forth in time to right these wrongs and maybe even solving a mystery or two.